GNP-Prize“ 2019 for Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology

The German Society of Neuropsychology (Gesellschaft für Neuropsychologie, GNP) has been founded in 1986 as a scientific organization of German speaking neuropsychologists working in the fields of neuropsychological assessment, rehabilitation and research.
Our main objective is to provide guidelines for postgraduate education and quality control in the area of Clinical Neuropsychology. Since 1986, the GNP promoted the professionalization and research in the area of Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology: a first formal curriculum for postgraduate education in Clinical Neuropsychology has been introduced in 1998 and certification services for qualified Clinical Neuropsychologists as well as accreditation procedures for courses and educational institutions are provided.
Therefore, the GNP awards a research prize in the field of Neuropsychology and Neuroscience for junior scientists.
The GNP prize is intended to award junior scientists (maximum age 35 plus maternal/paternal leaves) from universities or non-university institutions (e.g. rehabilitation clinics) for outstanding and exemplary research work in the field of Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology.

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"GNP-Prize 2019 for Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology"
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